Client Testimonials

Here are some excerpts of what past clients are saying about our work together. 



venture-backed founder

Lenore coached me during a time when I was particularly stuck, and she was astoundingly helpful. Lenore genuinely cares, commits to helping you help yourself, and holds you accountable. Getting un-stuck is rarely a straight line, and the one thing I could count on was a helpful, and sometimes painful examination of my current situation and my progress with Lenore every week or so. I was meh on the whole coaching idea before Lenore, and I’m all for it thanks to our experience together. I recommend any one thinking about coaching give at least one session a try, especially if it’s with Lenore.

Corporate intrapreneur

Working with Lenore has taken my personal life, career and relationships to a new level. Since I've started working with her, she has provided me with the tools I need to make truly informed decisions, work smarter instead of harder and tackle obstacles in all parts of my life. I am a more productive person because of the work I continue to do with her and am confident that the tools she has taught me will support my goals, both personal and career related, moving forward. Her coaching is the key to breaking through.

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Founder & mom

She asked demanding, probing questions that forced me to clarify my thinking. I have had two sessions and have already created a revamped strategy and a set of goal-driven action items for the next 6 months. I feel very excited by the clarity that I now have about my approach to implementing my strategy.

It was enormously helpful to think through the choices I was making at both a business and personal level with Lenore. It forced me to take a look at the big picture, understand some of the reasons driving me to accept work that was out of sync with my SP, and re-commit to my goals. I found Lenore to be highly professional, patient and rigorous as a coach. This is the sort of support that owners of start-ups and young businesses can truly benefit from.